Monday, April 27, 2009

Every Little Helps...

Finding Good Value Ingedients

Heath Food Stores
I started off buying all my baking ingredients in health food stores. They carry a wide variety of quality products and mixes BUT and I have a BIG BUT they are expensive.

Ethnic Food Stores
After my trip to the Health Food Store today I wandered into the Oriental Emporium across the street. The stuff here was way cheaper...for example a small jar of Ghee was 12 euro in the Health Food Shop and a large one was 4 euro in the Chinese Store. All kinds of flours were cheaper too...corn, rice and potato flour were all on offer and all at much lower prices than even at the supermarket. They also had stuff like rice noodles, rice crackers etc at great price.

A note of caution to this tale...check the ingredients carefully. If in doubt leave it out.

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