Monday, April 27, 2009

Gimme Some Sugar Baby!

Sugar Replacement

So...for this GF/CF/Soy Free diet to be effective we also need to drastically reduce the sugar content of the daily food intake.

A note on "fake" sugar. Do not use artificial sweetener (like the stuff you get in diet drinks) they contain BAD stuff...the problems with using them are well documented elsewhere, but to name a few they can:

  1. Make kids (more) hyper
  2. Increase the chance of weight gain (in studies the people who drank non-diet drinks had a smaller chance of becoming obese)
  3. It acts as the reverse isotonic drink!
  4. More stuff
OK, so on to sugar substitutes that are not "fake".

Natural Sugar Substitutes

Nectar from cactus plants, comes in a syrupy form that looks (and tastes) like honey. Pretty easy to find in health food shops (I got mine in the health food shop in Georges Street Arcade - €4.20 for a medium sized jar).

I've only used it in cooking once...and the results were not great...but it was a new recipe so I can't really blame agave.

Natural and sweet. Easy to find, but Bloody expensive!

Extracted from veg as I understand. Can be bought in granulated form and used as a one for one substitute for sugar in baking etc. I got it in the health food shop on Georges Street.

Pretty good results with this so far. But it is pretty expensive.

This is a very concentrated liquid sweetener. One drop is like 40 spoons of sugar or something like that I imagine.

I still haven't found a supplier that carries this in Ireland...I've been told to try up north?

Ok, well that's that for now.

I'll add more as I learn!

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