Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's a wrap!

Homemade Wraps

In my bid to find GF/CF alternatives I went looking for a replacement for wraps for lunchtime goodness.

Firstly I tried to make corn wraps just using corn flour, but either Irish corn flour is waaaaay different from the Mexican stuff or else I just made a complete hames of it. In either case I only managed to make a gloopy mess.

Then I tried to make wraps from gram flour. I had more success with this (100g gram flour to 110 ml water plus a pinch of salt. Mix and let stand for 10 minutes, then fry in oil like a pancake), but my mix was too think and didn't spread out right on the pan. I think if a bit diluted that this recipe could work.

Anyway, I next came across a recipe from the Irish Coeliac website and it works great. I'm not claiming credit for this at all, but I will share it (original post here).

Recipe for Corn & Gram Flour Wraps


  • 100g of Cornflour/starch
  • 25g of Gram Flour ………. (aka Chickpea, Dhal or Garbanzo)
  • 5g of Tapioca Flour /starch
  • ½ tsp of salt
  • 2 eggs
  • 150 - 200ml of water (>150 ml gives a thinner wrap / tortilla)
  • A little vegetable oil for coating the frying pan.


  • Place all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and sift 3 times to mix thoroughly.
  • Make a well in the centre and add the eggs, beat slowly using a hand-held electric mixer.
  • The mixture should be a little thick but smooth.
  • Add the water a little at a time mixing well between additions. The mixture will become very runny, that's OK...don't panic.
  • When mixed thoroughly, cover with cling film and refrigerate for 30 mins.
  • Remove from fridge and whisk slightly using a hand whisk (to re-mix)
  • Transfer batter to a jug (makes pouring easier)
  • Heat clean frying pan until very hot (not quite smoking)
  • Oil base of frying pan slightly, pour enough batter to cover base thinly.
  • Return to high heat, cook until the underside is slightly browned and the sides begin to curl.
  • Flip over and cook for ONLY 20 SECONDS (actually I did mine for a bit longer) (the wrap is so hot it continues to cook after it is removed from pan). If left longer than 20 secs the wrap would be cooked right through and with the residual heat start to dry out.
  • Remove the wrap and transfer to a plate, Place sheets of greaseproof paper (Baking Paper) on bottom and between layers. (this avoids wraps becoming stuck together while cooling)

The Wraps / Tortillas are ready for use or can be refrigerated or frozen until required.

Will keep in the fridge for about 2 - 3 days.
(stand at room temp for about 5 mins before warming)

Will keep in the Freezer for 1 - 2 Months
(defrost fully to room temp before warming under the grill)

Thanks to the original poster of this recipe. Easy to make and great tasting! Stumble Delicious

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  1. Hi 'Shep',
    I'm the one that posted the recipe on the Coeliac Society of Ireland Message Board.

    Thank you for the mention, I've reciprocated and given this blog a mention as a follow up post to this recipe.
    Best Regards,
    David H
    aka daveyboy